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Fairy Tale Collection: The Salt Prince

The king has three daughters who he wants to see married. Two of his daughters, Princess Vanda and Princess Barbara, are solely interested in gold, jewels and splendor. His third daughter, Princess Maruschka, has been in love with the Salt Prince for a long time. But the Salt Prince lives in the underworld with his father, who rules over the salt. Enraged by the people who do not appreciate his salt, the King of the underworld curses the land and all the salt turns to gold. At first, people are dazzled by their new riches, but it is not long before they are plagued with disease and realize that salt is vital for their survival. Maruschka travels to the underworld and, after freeing the Salt Prince from a curse, the two lovers return to Maruschka’s home with good news: Never again will the people lack salt.

Feature Film, 85 minutes

Style: Live Action

Production year: 1982

Rights: TV, Home Entertainment, Digital/VOD, Licensing & Merchandising, Pay-TV