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Fairy Tale Collection: The Three Golden Hairs of the Sun King

When his daughter is born, a King learns of a prophecy which foretells that Schwemmling, the son of a poor charcoal burner, will one day marry his new born daughter. The King decides to change destiny by ordering that the little boy be drowned. But the plan is foiled by the Sun King’s mother, who, as the child’s godmother, is watching over his fate. 18 years on and the King meets the boy by chance. Once again, the king tries to change the path of fate but with the help of the Sun King’s mother Schwemmling survives and even marries the King’s daughter. In a further attempt to rid himself of his son-in-law, the King sends Schwemmling to bring back three golden hairs of the Sun King. Even though no one has ever returned from the realm of the Sun King, Schwemmling succeeds and lives with the princess happily ever after.

Feature Film, 84 minutes

Style: Live Action

Production year: 1982

Rights: TV, Home Entertainment, Digital/VOD, Licensing & Merchandising, Pay-TV