Santa Monica / Munich, October, 29th 2018. In the animal world, everyone has heard of the BIG FIVE, but until now almost no one has heard of the Weird Five – the endangered animals the movie ON THE EDGE tells us about. The five main characters of this new animation movie have the dubious honor of being members of a very unfortunate club: they’re all on the official EDGE list. A list of animals that are Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered. Each one of them is unlike any other living thing on the planet! And each one is critically endangered. Donnie, a Solenodon; Kiki, a Kakapo; Rollo, a Pangolin; Vy, an Aye-Aye and a weird Purple Frog everyone calls Naz. They may not possess the conventional good looks and charm of the better-known endangered animals, but they more than make up for it with their unique personalities and zest for life.

The idea of the movie came to life when a couple of animal-loving philanthropists came across the EDGE List and noticed that the majority of the creatures on it looked (and occasionally behaved) like they were the product of a cartoonist’s imagination. Given all the fun aspects about these species, and the strong desire to avoid preachiness, the idea to introduce children and families to them through entertainment came about.

Beth Blood, Executive Producer at On The Edge Productions, who originated the concept, says; “We’re trying to raise awareness and build engagement with the issue of species extinction in a way that highlights, in particular, the unknown and the underdog. These animals have bags of personality but almost no profile, so we hope that with On the Edge we’ll give them a voice and highlight the issues with unstoppable, laugh-out-loud energy. It’s about giving these creatures the chance to speak for themselves.”

Thorsten Wegener, Director Business Operations at Studio 100 Film, says “We are very happy to present this special movie at the market. Our five unique main characters want to, and definitely will, raise awareness about the plight of the not-so-cuddly endangered animals without ever feeling the slightest bit educational. The movie’s goal is to entertain kids and families and make them fall in love with the characters, to be motivated to learn more about them, and allow them to explore the real-world dangers faced by EDGE animals. And additionally it is all for a good cause.”


It all starts in a remote patch of Cuban mountain forest, when an idealistic young Solenodon named Donnie has a vision. Donnie sets off around the world, recruiting an elite team of other endangered animals (Kiki, Rollo, Vy and Naz). Together they take fate – and the fight against extinction – into their own hands, with the hope that one day their descendants will not have to live their lives forever ON THE EDGE.

ON THE EDGE will be produced by On the Edge Productions Ltd., Studio 100 Media | m4e and Flying Bark Productions. The movie is currently in development and its delivery is planned for 2021.


About Studio 100 Film

Studio 100 Film is an international, independent sales agency for upmarket children’s and family movies. The Munich-based company is subsidiary of Studio 100 Media and distributes Studio 100 Media’s animation feature films such as “Maya the Bee – First Flight”. Besides it acts as sales agency for selected third party films. Studio 100 Film’s focus is to represent a well-chosen portfolio of films internationally with the due attentiveness. For further information please go to

About On the Edge Productions Ltd.

On the EDGE Productions is a production company focused on producing high-end entertainment to effect positive change around humanity’s relationship to wildlife. On the Edge Productions is wholly owned by On the Edge Foundation, a non-profit organization engaged in animal conservation.

About Flying Bark Productions

Flying Bark Productions is a Sydney based full service 2D and 3D animation studio which has been creating beloved children’s and family content since 1968. The company’s historical line-up includes iconic Australian programs –  Dot and the Kangaroo and the 1990’s Blinky Bill Series. More recently, they have revised the Blinky brand for a new generation with TV Series, The Wild Adventures of Blinky Bill; completed the second Maya The Bee animated feature, The Honey Games; and are receiving global recognition for their 2D animation work on Nickelodeon’s Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV series. Flying Bark is currently in production on the 100% Wolf feature film and the follow up 26-part TV series of the same name; as well as the latest Maya The Bee Movie, The Golden Orb. Flying Bark is one of the few independent production companies in Australia to produce IP feature films, television, web series and provide services in both 2D & 3D animation. Celebrating 50 years of creating original concepts and reimagining classic properties, Flying Bark continues to succeed by evolving with the new media landscape and emerging opportunities in the global market.

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