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Big & Small

Live Action

Big & Small explores the adventures of two pals who are very different but still best friends. Big lived happily alone in his cozy house in the country, but when Small arrives he realises he’s been missing someone to share his life with, even if it is somebody who turns his world upside down! Whilst Big is a dreamer, who is considerate, thoughtful and fair, Small is extrovert, exuberant, loud and dramatic. Their difference in size gives them different perspectives on the world. Big is totally comfortable in his house and garden. He loves to stare at the stars and he’s always inventing fabulous machines, whereas for Small, the world is a never-ending adventure. Racing around in his toy car, exploring a mouse’s hole or tickling frogs! Their special friendship is defined by their differences, but it’s strong and genuine, and includes plenty of kindness, tolerance and laughter.

Series, 2 seasons, 78 episodes à 11 minutes

Style: Puppet Animation, Live Action

Genre: Comedy, Edutainment

Target audience: Children 4-7

Production year: 2008-2011

Original language: English

Rights: TV, Pay-TV

Territories: Worldwide [excluding: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus]