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Fairy Tale Collection: Good-for-Nothing – The Bravest Knight

The princess is a beautiful young maiden, but her heart is cold. To her father’s despair, she loves nothing as much as the jewels she’s found in an enchanted valley. Little does she know that the owner of the valley is Beberich, King of the Underworld. When, despite her father’s warnings, she returns to the forbidden valley in search of more jewels, she is taken captive by Beberich. King Levoslav, a friend of the princess’ father, sends two of his sons to free the princess. But neither the conceited Prince Geck nor his gluttonous brother Prince Speck are able to free the princess. Only Levoslav‘s third son, Prince Good-for-Nothing, finally outwits Beberich on a secret mission and frees the princess. After winning an additional tournament against his brothers, Prince Good-for-Nothing is allowed to marry the princess.

Feature Film, 80 minutes

Style: Live Action

Production year: 1982

Rights: TV, Home Entertainment, Digital/VOD, Licensing & Merchandising, Pay-TV