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Fairy Tale Collection: Little Claus and Big Claus

Little Claus and Big Claus live in the same small village. The greedy Big Claus has obtained his wealth and social standing by marrying his rich wife Dora. The poor but clever Little Claus also accumulates a considerable fortune by selling a horsehide to a gullible miller for a bushel of silver, claiming that the hide confers magical powers on its owner. Big Claus believes he can increase his fortune in this way so he trades in four horses for a dozen horsehides. Unfortunately, he realizes too late this is no way to earn money. Furious, he decides to take revenge on Little Claus, and tries repeatedly to kill him. However, he only manages to fritter away his entire fortune in the process. Thanks to yet another trick, Little Claus becomes the owner of the village inn and marries Zora, the innkeeper’s beautiful daughter.


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Style: Live Action

Production year: 1987

Rights: TV, Home Entertainment, Digital/VOD, Licensing & Merchandising, Pay-TV