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Fairy Tale Collection: Magic Galoshes

Do wishes coming true automatically mean a happy end? The fairy of Gaiety simply wants to bring a degree of happiness to mankind. Always cheerful, a perpetual optimist, she is ready to do it by granting people their hearts’ desire. On the other hand, the fairy of Cares and Woes, is a doubter. Nothing works out right in the end, and no wish is fulfilled. The two fairies (both of whom are played by one actress) who are as different as night and day from each other, decide on a wager. A pair of old galoshes is enchanted. From now on they will have the power to fulfil the wishes of anybody who happens to put them on. But the enchanted footwear cause turmoil and fail to make even one of their bearers the slightest bit happier. The fairies have to realize that magic cannot guarantee a happy life.

Feature Film, 90 minutes

Style: Live Action

Production year: 1986

Rights: TV, Home Entertainment, Digital/VOD, Licensing & Merchandising, Pay-TV