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Fairy Tale Collection: The Travelling Companion

After his father’s death, young John is forced to leave home and sets out to see the world. Having found refuge in a church one night, John prevents two criminals from robbing the corpse of a man who is to be buried the next day. From that night on, a mysterious stranger accompanies the young man on his travels. One day, the two companions arrive at a court ruled by a heavy-hearted King whose daughter is under the spell of the evil Magnus. Together with his companion, John braves Magnus and overcomes several ordeals. After correctly answering the princess’ three questions, John breaks the spell and kills the evil Magnus. The grateful King gives John his daughter in marriage and relinquishes the throne in his favour. John’s travelling companion bids him farewell, for John has shown proof of his courage and maturity.

Series, 1 episodes à 90 minutes

Production year: 1990

Rights: TV, Home Entertainment, Digital/VOD, Licensing & Merchandising, Pay-TV