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It’s always hard for a little boy to be separated from his mother by an ocean. When Marco’s mother stops writing to him from Argentina, the sturdy and enterprising little Italian boy decides to go and find her. This is just the start of an eventful and turbulent journey that sees him stowing away across the Atlantic, to Brazil and Argentina, up the Rio Plata and across the pampas. His travels are packed full of fun and excitement. Although he never loses sight of his goal, he’s much too lively to pass up the chance for a good time with his new friends, like Peppino the puppet master and especially, Violetta. Finally, deep in the remote pampas, Marco’s persistence is rewarded when he finds his sick mother and, with the help of his friends, brings her back to Italy.

Series, 52 episodes à 25 minutes
Feature Film, 97 minutes

Style: 2D Animation (Cartoon)

Production year: 'Feature: 1976 Series: 1976-1977

Rights: TV, Home Entertainment, Digital/VOD, Licensing & Merchandising, Pay-TV