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Mega Mindy

Mo works at the local police station in a small village. Nobody takes any notice of her, because everyone thinks she’s little bland with not much to say. Her boss, McGrane, doesn’t even let her finish her sentences! He thinks she’s stupid and clumsy, and shouldn’t work in a police station. But Mo is not what she seems; she’s Mega Mindy! A full-blown super hero with a cape and a shiny suit, combating crime and quickly disappearing afterwards. Thanks to Granddad Sparkle, who invented a machine that can turn Mo into Mega Mindy for 30 minutes, that’s just enough time to catch the bad guys. Mo is desperately in love with Toby, her handsome colleague at the police station, but Toby only has eyes for Mega Mindy.

Series, 1 season, 13 episodes à 26 minutes
Series, 2 seasons, 13 episodes à 26 minutes
Series, 3 seasons, 13 episodes à 26 minutes

Style: Live Action

Production year: 'Season I: 2006-2007 Season II: 2006-2007 Season III: 2007 Season IV: 2009 Season V: 2011 Season VI (Minireeks ‘Reis in de tijd’): 2013 Film “The secret of Mega Mindy”, 2009 Film “Mega Mindy and the black crystal”, 2010 Film “Mega Mindy and the Candybaron”, 2011 Special “Mega Mindy and the theft of the dolfins”, 2011 Music-special “Mega Mindys diary”, 2009

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