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Mia and me

In season 3, Mia returns to the fantastic world of Centopia once again just in time. In the beginning, everything seems peaceful and Onchao enjoys being a brother to little foal Kyara, but the Dark Elf has not stopped seeking to capture a winged unicorn with a golden horn. Now he sends the Hoppers, insect-like warriors and lead by menacing Dax. Mia and her friends learn about the ancient legend of the Heart of Centopia, a magic crystal that was created eons ago. Only the power of this crystal might save them and so Mia and the Elves set out on a quest to find this crystal.

Live Action/CGI Animation

Style: Live Action, 3D Animation (CGI)

Genre: Adventure

Target audience: Girls, 6-12 years

Production year: 2011

Original language: English

Rights: TV, Home Entertainment, Digital/VOD, Licensing & Merchandising, Pay-TV

Territories: Worldwide, excl. Italy, San Marino, Vatican