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Pippi Longstocking Live Action

Pippi, the daughter of Captain Longstocking, is like no other little girl in the world. She’s stronger than any muscleman, smarter than any adult around and, even better, she can stay up as long as she wants! She lives in Villa Villekulla with her monkey “Mr. Nilsson”, her horse “Horse”, and a treasure chest full of gold. Her best friends Tommy and Annika think she’s fantastic. The town’s boring and unimaginative adults are not quite so sure. For example, Mrs. Prysselius thinks Pippi belongs in an orphanage. Pippi is always getting into trouble, whether at school, on the ski slope or at the horse fair, you can always count on Pippi to add excitement to everyday events, and turn exciting events into unforgettable adventures.

Series, 1 season, 21 episodes à 28 minutes
Series, 2 seasons, 4 episodes à 90 minutes

Style: Live Action

Production year: 'Series: - Pippi Longstocking, 1968 - 1970 Features: - Pippi Longstocking, 1968 - Pippi goes on board, 1968 - Pippi on the run, 1970 - Pippi on the seven seas, 1969

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