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Pirate Pete

Pete the Pirate is the handsome captain of the pirate ship, “The Crooked Cruiser”. Pete’s not a bad pirate, like Captain Hook, he has a heart of gold and comes from a long line of pirates. His grandfather Charlie Charles once discovered some precious treasure and hid it in a safe place. But he forgot to draw where he’d hidden it on the treasure map, so Pete the Pirate is stuck with a map but no treasure. Together with his three shipmates, Silent Steven, Graham Gruel and Sturdy Stella, he sails the seven seas hoping to find the missing treasure one day. They’ve not been successful so far, but are still having lots of exciting and fun adventures searching for it.

Series, 52 episodes à 5 minutes
Series, 1 episodes à 85 minutes

Style: Live Action

Production year: 'Series: 2001-2004 Features: “Pete the pirate and the bewitched crown”, 2005 “Pete the pirate and the flying ship”, 2006 “Pete the Pirate and the sword of Silvertooth”, 2008 “Pete the Pirate and the monster of the seas”, 2013 Specials: “Wonder Water World”, 2010 “Pete the pirate and the mysterious mummy”, 2010 “Pete the pirate and the Pumpin-king”, 2008 “Pete the Pirate and the ghost of Scotland”, 2009

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