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Plop the gnome lives in the forest with his gnome friends. Their lives revolve around Plop’s Milk Inn, despite some of their adventures taking them beyond their familiar forest. The situations they get themselves into are universal and timeless.

Series, 52 episodes à 5 minutes

Style: Live Action

Production year: 'Series 1996-1997 Series “Plop en de Peppers”: 2014 Movies: “Plop and The Gnome Treasure”, 1999 “Plop in the clouds”, 2000 “Plop the Gnome and the Magic Wand”, 2003 “Plop and Brush”, 2004 “Plop and the Violin Adventure”, 2005 “Plop in the city”, 2006 “Plop and the penguin”, 2007 “Plop and The Gnome Baby”, 2009 “Plop becomes King of the Gnomes”, 2012 Specials: “10 years Gnome Plop”, 2007 “Plop and the Easter Bunny”, 2010 “Plop storyteller – Easter”, 2010 “Plop storyteller – Birthday”, 2010 “It’s Plops Birthday”, 2010 “Plop and Prince Carnival”, 2011 “Plop and the Gnome Fair”, 2013 “Plop and the Wishing stone”, 2013 “Plop and the egg”, 2014 “Plop and the Fireman-Gnome”, 2014

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