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Stains down Drains

In this fish-out-of-water tale twins, Stanley & Mary Jane Staines, discover a whole other world in the drains below our feet. A world of bizarre and mutant creatures who populate the murky depths. A once stable world, the equilibrium between the good creatures and the bad guys has recently been disturbed. Now the good guys are under threat; someone, or something is organising the otherwise hopeless baddies. It becomes the mission of Stanley and Mary Jane, to balance their above-ground lives with their job in the drains; trying to find the source of the threat that might not just destroy the drains, but could see the whole world go down the spout!

Series, 26 episodes à 24 minutes

Style: 2D Animation (Cartoon)

Production year: 2006

Rights: TV, Licensing & Merchandising, Pay-TV