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CGI Animation

When Jack’s parents bundle him off to stay with his distant cousin Tashi, the two boys get swept up in a series of wild adventures exploring a fantastic land far, far away, and protecting Tashi’s village from a host of creatures and villains. In a strange new world, where nothing seems familiar and your logic doesn’t work, how do you survive and thrive? Luckily for city slicker Jack, his new best friend Tashi is the perfect guide through this exotic, upside down, crazy world. And the boys can always depend on warm and whimsical Lotus Blossom to help them navigate any tricky situation! Giants, ghosts, witches, bandits, demons, dragons… Tashi, Jack and Lotus Blossom are ready for anything!

Series, 1 season, 52 episodes à 11 minutes

Style: 3D Animation (CGI)

Genre: Action, Adventure

Target audience: Children 6-11

Production year: 2014

Original language: English

Rights: TV, Home Entertainment, Digital/VOD, Licensing & Merchandising, Pay-TV

Territories: Worldwide (excluding: Ireland, AUS/NZ, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus)